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Born and raised in the stormy city of Caracas (Venezuela), half Russian, half Venezuelan; his childhood was deeply influenced by his uncle, the artist Nikol Gontscharenko, who taught him the perception of the light in a context of Latin American landscapes. He developed a particular understanding of the optimism and perseverance as a result of growing up in a middle class family in a country which has always been on crisis.
After a remarkable career as a focus puller and camera operator, he decided to move to New York where he studied cinematography - School of Visual Arts- and painting –The Art Students League-. Upon his return to his homeland, he became, in a very short time, one of the most loved, respected and awarded Directors of photography in the last years.
His cinematography is honest and human; it reflects the interaction between the worlds we live in: nature, society, and the mind. Also has an unconventional representation of light, based on his own observations of life- a child-like explorative eye -with a camera work that sometimes appeared to be accidental cutoff views, off-center subjects, and unusual angles, all quite carefully planned
Recently he moved to London to broaden the scope of his sensibility.

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