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  1. "You can spend around $2000-2500 for a larger quad with gimbal for the RX100 as well" hi, any link for that? thank you
  2. thanks a lot for your quick reply, what do you think about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgeJwg08Oxw seems like an effective way to remove the fisheye effect from the go pro 3, maybe then it would be my best option for the lower cost with…
  3. i would sooo appreciate your answers and advices, i didnt buy the gopro black 3, or the rx100 or the phantom yet.. so i'm trying to find out what would be my best option... i currently own a 5D mark 3, but i am not trying to find a drone for that…
  4. Hello Kaz, i am very interested in buying the Phantom to pair with the RX100, from my understanding, for the ultimate perfect result, i should buy the phantom, buy a rx100 and wait for the phantom gimbal to come out, but unfortunately, according…