KZA Koschany+Zimmer Architects

Essen, Germany

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The architects’ office KZA was founded in 1959 by Günter Koschany. Now headed by the second generation of the family in Essen, it is an established office which is located at the heart of the Ruhr Metropolitan Region. KZA draws its strength, innovative capability and individuality from this dynamic location. A large number of clients and customers have put their faith in the office for over 20 years.
The experience of the team, which today numbers over 50, extends far beyond the region – from Essen to Ireland, Russia and Dubai. Wherever KZA is active, its principles remain the same: to work on a customer- and solution-oriented basis, absolute reliability in terms of quality, adherence to deadlines and costs, maximum creativity, and putting its heart and soul into projects.

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