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My name is James Ewen. I am based in Bristol, UK and have recently set-up a filmmakers network/community with my colleague Joe Haynes, called Cineme - cinemefilms.com

The main purpose of Cineme is to act as an educational tool for media colleges and universities to promote the work of media students, involved in the making of short films. The site also allows amateur filmmakers to promote their works - either fictional material, documentaries, animations or experimental films.

In April 2009, the site will officially open with a selection of short films and services, which can be viewed on a subscription basis. At a small fee, subscribers can access a range of services. They can promote their work, archive and download movie material. They can also access other services such as profiles on short filmmakers, on-line forums and blogs, music compositions, movie articles and other relevant news related to the project.

If any short filmmakers are keen to use Cineme as a means to promote themselves and their work - Please contact either Joe Haynes or James Ewen. Any queries, comments or general feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

James Ewen: james@mycineme.co.uk

Joe Haynes: joe@mycineme.co.uk

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