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The MizFitz Soundz is known throughout the state of Maryland, and other cities nationwide, as a premier music production company based right out of the city of Baltimore. With their wide range of versatility in multiple music genres and their variety of styles coming from different producers, MizFitz Soundz is rapidly becoming the music company to come to when there is need for extremely good quality and very original music. MizFitz Soundz’ constant goal is to continually raise the bar, not just for other producers, but themselves as well. The company has been in the business for nearly four years and is already garnering a very large buzz in local, and soon to be attained, world-wide gatherings. Before the actual creation of the company, the two aspiring producers, Andrew Johnson (G.Q.) and Femi Odumodu (F Major), worked with the already well-rounded music group, Sound Brigade, which consisted of Jeffery Robinson (J. Oliver) and Damany Leggett (D.L. 4.0). Under these two, Drew and Femi soon learned the ins and outs of music production and engineering, as well as create their own unique music style and flavor. Jeff was exceptionally well with syth-styled beats, while Damany was extremely well in classic hip-hop, or sampled-based beats. Drew and Femi derived their styles from these two producers in the beginning, but were more interested in classic hip-hop as to what Damany had dominance in. As the four came together more, and collaborated on a variety of projects, the styles of each individual began to change for the better as they grew more musically and gave each other constructive criticisms about how music should be done right. Down the line, as they became better know and their network grew, the team came together as one to form the MizFitz Soundz. The name of the company came about when Drew was watching a late 80’s cartoon show called Jem and The Holograms. On the show, there was a rival band of the main characters’ band called the Misfits, whom where very edgy and creative in their presence and, more importantly, their music. They were just as good as the main characters’ band, but were labeled “outcast” because of their completely different style and attitude. Their motto, which always stood out in the intro of the show was, “We are the misfits, our songs are better!” Drew took the persona of the group and transformed it into the name that would define the company today. The “Soundz” part of the name is like a soft homage to the group that gave Drew and Femi the drive to move further into the music industry, Sound Brigade. “Compared to most people, we are the outcast. But our sound will make you change the way you think of us” They have also added onto the team an extraordinarily great musician, Matthew Lampert (Tekno Beatz), who was very capable of playing many instruments, such as: the drums, the piano and the guitar. Matt was also capable of, like the rest of the team, creating his own style of music; bringing together hip-hop, rock, and soul all into his own mix of quality music. Other members of the company joined as artist and songwriters, to flesh out the musical diversity of the company. Such Artist as, Laced (Andre Wills), who is a Baltimore native rapper with a very gritty, yet true-to-life style of lyricism; Conscious (Lavar Clark) who, judging by his name, is a very well-versed and intelligent-minded lyricist; Jay Luminarty (Jay Onayemi) -raised in D.C.- has a divers flow and also, very divers nationality that brings to the table a collection of uniqueness; K-E (Kevin Tanner), a Texas rapper with a strong southern drawl, peculiar sense of word play and an ethic for enjoyable lyricism; K. Halloway (Kimberly Halloway)another Baltimore native, whom was actually one of the top 40 finalist of American Idol, has a soothing and soulful elegance to her serenading voice; FlyBoy (Robert Cole), whose quick and witty flow brings energy and excitement to verse. MizFitz Soundz has worked with a plethora of artist, and helped put together many projects for other music groups, entertainment companies, promoting and modeling agencies, and schools. They have worked with artist such as Lyricsiss Flows, an up and coming DVM (D.C. - Virginia - Maryland) rapper - Reel Life - Lone - Savage of Derelicts music group, and many more. Main affiliates of the company, Y.H.G.M. (Young Hustlers Getting Money), have been critical in working with them on countless occasions on the local scene. Other Affiliates include O.T.C. (Officially Taking Over) Entertainment, B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) Entertainment, LTH Productions, H&H Global, Top Tier Productions; just to name a few. MizFitz Soundz have also attended many beat battles throughout Maryland, and placed second in the Beat Boxin’ 2 beat battle that took place in June of 2008. As you can pretty much see, MizFitz Soundz is striving to become a staple in the music industry. They are skilled, they are unique, they are hungry and they are ready to let their “Soundz” change the way you think of music. “Music is the gateway between Heaven and Earth…”

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