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  1. I guess that "is_transcoding" in the API command "vimeo.videos.getInfo" you can see it.
  2. Vimeo?
  3. If you call setPreset on a video, will this affect all embeds of the video or just the iframe im assigning the preset to? It would be important for us to have a chromeless version in some places and the full version in others
  4. 3. Now that you have the preset ID, you can use setPreset to apply that preset to a video after you upload it. Hope this is helpful to someone.
  5. Shortly after I posted the above, I realized that I had misunderstood what "Presets" means in this context, and I suspect other people have too (e.g., everyone above). So I'm following up in order to clarify, because I haven't seen this documented…
  6. I'm trying to accomplish the same thing. In my case, getPresets returns a single preset with an ID and my username, but nothing that I can use in setPresets to remove the logo or anything else. Has anyone had any luck making this work?
  7. Yes, I also vote for removing Vimeo logo from embedded player via API.
  8. I use this call (player.vimeo.com/config/yourvideoId?type=local&callback=updateProgress). It is not documented. However, it is used by the Vimeo video conversion page to get conversion status. I found it by viewing the page source while my video…