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The mission of Big Picture Productions is to empower people to make better decisions. For the past 21 years we have videoed presentations that educate the public on issues of sustainability, peace, and intergenerational equity, then share them on community access TV and the Internet.
If you're interested in the science behind global climate change, you can see lectures from top scientist and policy makers. If you want to here a compassionate view on the death penalty we have an interview with the author of Dead Man Walking. Be informed and inspired by past and present world leaders with programs on the environment, peace, genetically modified food, fair trade and much more.
A very short list of speakers we've shared include: Nobel Peace Prize winners Dr. Helen Caldecott - founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Jose Ramos Horta - President of East Timor, Peace activist Medea Benjamin- Founder of Code Pink, Daniel Ellsberg - The Pentagon Papers, Environmental Experts Dr. Jane Lubchenco - Director of The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Bill McKibben- author and teacher, David Brower - The Seria Club and Founder of Friends of the Earth, Ralf Nader - founder of Public Citizen, the 30th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, two International Dioxin Conferences, Lewis and Clark's Symposium on Environmental Affairs, and the University of Oregon's Environmental Law Conference.

Join Big Picture Productions as we work to ensure a world of hope and justice for future generations . The more informed we are the better decisions we make, the more productive our time.

One for All And All For One
Raymond Dukes
President- Big Picture Productions