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Learned to surf in ... well you will laugh ... Texas. USA ... back in 1980 until around 1992. Then I moved to La Jolla, Ca and surfed Wind n Sea and spots like Scripps pier, Blacks, Turtles, Pacific Beach etc ....

Have only surfed Pipeline once back in the old days. I haven't had the money to go back but it was one of the best surfing experiences of my life even though the waves were only just overhead.

I'm almost to old to surf now and just long board it. So next time you see one of us OLD guys out there on the longboard remember we were once like the kids trying to shred it up. I learned along the way that it's not about shredding up a wave but being one with it and being fluid in motion.

good tides and hope you all enjoy surfing as much as I have my whole life.


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  1. I love Bianca. Man she is so pretty and such a great surfette. Hope she is on the tour for years to come.
  2. I really enjoy watching Gabriel surf. When (and I say WHEN) he wins the world title it will well deserved. The kid is a world class athlete and deserves a world title.
  3. 540 ... 720 who cares that was some epic surfing.
  4. This guy is the epitome of bad vibes. No one is trying to take your surf kook. when he and his kind of negative old retarded hawaiian knuckleheads pass away the North Shore will get more pleasant.
  5. Does GoPro have a camera yet that does live streaming? If so ASP should hire you to do LIVE coverage of the WTC events. Would be a great improvement on their current live streams of events. Just sayin'.