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  1. Chris Vermaak

    Chris Vermaak Cape Town, South Africa


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    Chris Vermaak is a Cape Town-based Steadicam operator and Director of Photography. His experience in both these fields spans two decades and includes various challenging genres and formats in both long and short form, from live TV broadcast, drama, features, commercials, and music videos. Chris's…

  2. Shane Black

    Shane Black


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    Photographer/timelapser based out of central Ohio.

  3. Anneliese Possberg

    Anneliese Possberg Plus Germany


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    We are a German photo and film team who have travelled extensively to the remotest corners of the world. For years we have pursued our passion in search for the natural and cultural wealth of our planet Earth. Our credo is to search and reveal the beauty in things. We observe our environment without…

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