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  1. Anibal Caballero Lazcano.

    Anibal Caballero Lazcano. Plus Santiago, Chile


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    Visual Communicator / Graphic Design | Founder of HIGHTIRIP® & EL MUNDO DE HIGHTIRIP®

  2. Intelligentsia Coffee

    Intelligentsia Coffee PRO Chicago, Los Angeles, New York


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    We opened our doors twenty years ago with a promise to make great tasting coffee. While that goal remains, our notion of what makes coffee great has changed profoundly.Today the company is considered an industry pioneer with roasting locations in Chicago and Los Angeles, award-winning coffee bars and…

  3. CAmila Galaz
  4. The D4D

    The D4D Plus Los Angeles


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    We’re an award-winning creative firm made of equal parts strategy, design and content creation. We help our clients better communicate and engage with audiences across multiple channels, and we create content, experiences and campaigns to inspire culture and make a difference. Founded in 2006,…

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