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  1. Alasdair Bayne

    Alasdair Bayne Edinburgh


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    Filmmaker based in Edinburgh. Our films so far are: Brother (2015). Haftasonu (Weekend) (2015). In Search of the Wallaby (2012). Bird (2012). Strange Places (2011). Our films have screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, the Raindance Film…

  2. The Location Crew

    The Location Crew PRO Vancouver, Canada


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    The Location Crew of Dean Miles and Scot McDonald are sharing what they've learned. Together they have well over 50 years in the field shooting everything from corporate videos to broadcast documentaries. For those working in the small crew world of professional video there's a lot to do and…

  3. Scottish Documentary Institute

    Scottish Documentary Institute PRO Edinburgh, Scotland


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    SDI is an internationally recognised documentary research centre at Edinburgh College of Art specialised in documentary training, production and distribution. We run training initiatives such as the annual Bridging the Gap scheme. We organise masterclasses, screenings and workshops and host many…

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