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Abigail Hadeed is a natural visual storyteller known mostly for her
striking photography. Born in Trinidad, The West Indies, in 1963, she
has produced substantial archives of artwork spanning more than two

“My work comes from an instinctive place. I am drawn to people and
situations that appear to be at a crossroads, facing a painful past
and uncertain future -- that transformative moment, which is "in
between" realities -- my response intuitive and spontaneous, so that
the subject and all of life's untamed variables inform the image as
much as I do.”

With this digital age, which provides more accessibility to film
making, Abigail is beginning to gaze through the moving lens.
“Between the Lines,” for the first time in Abigail’s work, unites
movement and sound, and for this reason the film is in fact a
celebration of the liberation that occurs when we begin to dance
between and around the lines.