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  1. Joy + Noelle

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    JOY + NOELLE is NY based animation and design duo Joy Buran and Noelle Melody, living and working in Astoria and Kingston, respectively. They are illustrators, animators and also twins. They also like coffee A LOT and try to eat pancakes every Saturday.

  2. Alexandre DUBOSC

    Alexandre DUBOSC Plus Paris / FRANCE


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    I'm a french director & I love creating ... ;) http://alexandre-dubosc.com - courrier@alexandre-dubosc.com ==)Last interview : TV5 Monde, CANAL+, Télérama,... : http://www.alexandre-dubosc.com/web3/press/ ==)Last Exhibition : 104 Paris, Angers, Dinard, Limoges etc : http://www.alexandre-dubosc.com/web3/exhibition/ ------------- My…

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