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Mathilde Sombstay
Responsable for the New Talent Contests of the Cristal Festival.
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3 contests : Short film competition, Soundtrack contest, Scriptwriting for brand content contest

Since its creation in 2001, the Cristal Festival unites the professionals of the advertising and creative world: the main agencies, advertisers, producers, directors, Media, market research companies, journalists, TV producers … in a convivial atmosphere for networking and knowledge sharing.

In addition to its industry competitions, since 2005, the Cristal Festival has been endorsing new talent with dedicated contests as well through its New Talent Association.


Young Directors Forum

Young directors, the advertising world wants you!

The Young Directors Forum is a short films competition (10 min maximum). It is free and it is opened to all the directors who never directed for advertising or never signed a representation contract with an advertising production house.

The competition aims to promote young talents and give them the opportunity to start a carreer in advertising. It's objective is to provide a link between advertising and cinema.

The winners will be selected by a jury made up of images professionals and they will be invited to the Cristal Festival in Crans-Montana to show theit short-films and take advantage of the networking between professionals attending the events (production houses & advertising agencies...). The best director will receive the Short-Film Cristal during the the festival closing awards ceremony.


Soundtrack Contest

The Soundtrack Advertising Contest is a free competition open to European aspiring composers.

This contest aims to highlight and promote musical talents’ work and to strengthen connections between the music and the communication industries (agencies and brands).

It is made up of two categories:
- the New Talent category dedicated to to new talents who haven’t worked yet for the advertising world
- the Global category open to all types of composers, sound designers irrespective of age or industry origin and experience


Scriptwriting for Brand Content Contest

The brief focuses on a brand through the writing of a script for a webvideo.
The style of the script is open (comedy, action, video-clip, documentary, etc.). The script has to be written to last at least 3 minutes.

The aim of the Scriptwriting for Brand Content Contest is to encourage the emergence of new talents (young or confirmed) as well as encourage new forms of writing linked to digital innovations and brand content creation.

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