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New Zealand

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A Born and raised New Zealander.

Love cartoons, video games and comics.

Here to just be amazed by peoples work.


  1. JD Ryan
  2. Sara Steinberg
  3. Daniel Nicolaevsky
  4. Jade McGilvray
  5. Egan Chandra
  6. David Ganshorn

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  1. Was that just a clip or do you have a copy of Max Steel Vs. The Toxic Legion in english?
  2. Amazing work. Love the Max Steel Clips too. Your super talented.
  3. Thats just AMAZING. Fantastic work.
  4. Amazing on the work with the hand-keyed animation. I had to keep looking to se if it was hand-keyed or not as it was so hard to tell. Did you do work on Makino's Revenge? Just Awesome.