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Tehran - Iran

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Hamed Sahihi’s diverse practice often examines phenomena that relates to the ways in which human mentality is shaped. He is interested in the mental process of perceiving things in our world. Through a variety of media including painting, sculpture, video and installation, Sahihi creates works on the basis of his inner experience, dreams and memories. Through the passage of time, present turns into nothing but memory and continues its existence only in the preserved memories. Dreams contains a random mixture of these memories, compressed as heterogeneous layers of reality.
Dealing with the nature of details in image representation, Sahihi believes that the mind alters the reality in order to simplify massive information which is accumulated in our everyday life. A major part of this process of perception is the ways in which the brain operates through keeping and losing the details of a particular phenomenon. For him, remembering and reproducing familiar images can be hard, tricky, and sometimes impossible. When images become too familiar, like parents’ faces, we may unconsciously choose to lose the ability of restoring details. In reverse, if someone is confronted with a new phenomenon, like an unfamiliar face, brain decides to preserve as more details as possible in order to remember it. Therefore, the most resembling representation of a phenomenon can be either the most or the least detailed image. Generally, the amount of detail demonstrated in artworks has determined diverse artistic styles and forms across the history. However, in Sahihi’s work, since images are represented in different amount of detail, based on how much of the information have been preserved in the brain, one might not be able to distinguish one specific style or media through periods of his artistic practice. What can be followed in his series of work is the common subjects— memories which create our sense of reality.

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