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  1. Kikim Media

    Kikim Media PRO Menlo Park, CA


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    At Kikim Media, we tell stories that make a difference. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in print and broadcast journalism, we use the latest technologies to engage, entertain and inform our audiences. Whether for broadcast television or the Internet, general audiences or corporate clients,…

  2. UCLA Fielding SPH

    UCLA Fielding SPH PRO UCLA, Los Angeles, California


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    Over the last 50 years, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health has played an instrumental role in advancing the field of public health in the areas of research, training and service. Our world class faculty in collaboration with students have made research discoveries that have improved the health of…

  3. TakePart

    TakePart Plus Los Angeles, Calif.


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    TakePart produces a website with a daily cycle of original stories and videos about change, big and small. We believe that compelling stories and provocative information ignite curiosity, build awareness and drive people to make positive change in their lives, every day. TakePart is the digital division…

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