Firoz Ahmad

New Delhi, India

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I photograph still and film stories on assignment. It’s quite challenging to do both still and motion when you’re on location because you’re always afraid to miss the shot. But it gives you so much extra visuals.The location doesn't really matter to me, to me subject and the lucid dreams matters more. I embarked on my professional adventure 30 years ago, dedicating myself purely to people photography as a still photographer, particularly working for non-profit sector and frequently dabbling in visual narrative as well. I just love being outdoors discovering the new areas of life. It is a real passion and I really enjoy being outdoors. When I am shooting women, children, differently- abled, marginalized and indigenous people, I am always trying to respect their interest first. Good things come to those who wait.

Lives in New Delhi, India. It's a wonderful place, with amazing colors, sights and sounds.

Contact for photo/ film shoot @ Mob. +91-9210884913, e-mail:

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