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WHO: Hi, it's Natalka Design where we help people to communicate their message in business through the use of simple engaging and unique visuals.

WHAT: we provide corporate illustration, live sketching during events & meetings, short animated explanatory videos, personalized profile drawings and creative mind mapping trainings. Working with clients such as Rio Tinto, TalkTalk, BMW, Network Rail, Cognizant, Hilton and more.

WHY: All the services that ND provides are here to help you grow your business and make it more engaging, to stand out in the crowd and be a bit more unique! Whether you'd need visuals for presentations, pitch, meetings, conferences, events, website, e-mail, social media, personal use or big campaign, through the use of still or animated visuals you can boost the look, feel of what you want to get across to your audience and make it more fun for them! Let them understand in an instant what it is that you're communicating and see their positive reaction.

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