Tromsø, Norway

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is the musical project of creative couple Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen. They’ve released two albums as a duo (“Melodica” in 2001 and “Love! Revolution!” in 2006) and a dozen singles and remixes. They have toured as Frost all over from Paris to London via Tokyo and Glomfjord.

Between them they’ve dabbled in a variation of projects, such as staging art shows for babies (Aggie), writing dystopian ‘transmedia’ novels (Per), composing scores for silent movies (both), building sub-bass driven laser installations (Per) and putting up stage performances with strange, blonde alter-egos (Aggie).

Aggie has also starred in various movie shorts, and Per has a long career as a producer of underground dance music under his moniker Mental Overdrive, releasing records for R&S, Smalltown Supersound and Full Pupp – as well as his own Love OD Communications.

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