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I'm a devotee of Lord Krishna. I'm a scientist. I study and teach biology and psychology. I'm deeply spiritual. I had a near death experience at age 11 that changed my life forever.A shaft of azure white light penetrated the dark room in the late afternoon light.A swirling spinning spectral mass descended from azenith at a rate that was exceedingly fast. I then heard a roar from the din of beyond as four winged entites sang creations very first song AUM.At the time I was very ill with a intestinal parasite that nearly annihilated my temporary bodily abode. With a fever of 104 I remember becoming aware that I was no longer in my body but in the corner of my room up near the ceiling.Trying to locate my body with disembodied eyes I noticed a boy on the bed below me. It was in fact me. Or at least the me I was used to inhabiting in this material existance.Then a pillar,shaft wormnhole,the bardo, or whatever you want to call it penetrated this reality most fiercely and the entities that sang the glories of creation and to and of the creator sang in unison and then in sing song answer and call that reverberated and telepathically communicated to the the very center of my spirit. These four winged entities actually made up the everchanging rapidly spinning architecture of the pillar itself and were one with it as so was I for but a tiny glimpse.I was told two things One that this was the first sound uttered by the one who has innummerable faces and names yet one divine essense. And two not to give in to the astonishment to the phenomenon that I was experiencing and that I need not to be afraid.The sound of AUM penetrated every fiber of my disembodied soul with a supernovae like death rattle of outward ever expanding energy The sound itsellf concentrated resonated penetrated and then reverberated down that shaft of light towards me and had the volume of 1000 frieght trains or tornados.Anyhow at this time of my life I had attended a Lutheran private school for 7 years prior. I was deeply entreanched in the christian dogma,stories, and philosophies. I had no basis for this experience whatsoever and could have not been more less prepared then what is exceeding possible or probable.Also at the time I made a new friend who was from India and lived the apartments across the street. This occured a few weeks later when I became healthy once more. In his home the first time I visited and had dinner with his family I noticed there was a shrine in a closet and I remember distinctly asking my friend Roger's father who was the blue man in the picture. He told me it was Lord Krishna. I said who? And he said that is God.The very same God you worship in your christian church and private school.He's really everbodies God. I askde why he was blue. He told me that there was poison in his throat that could annhilate the universe if it wasn't for his sacrafice of swallowing a poison and having sheesha (cosmic serpant constrict the poison from entering the stomach of the Lord.So as you can see I was a raised a christian yet real life and death experiences pulled me in another spiritual direction.One that was very foriegn yet subtlely powerful and vaguely familiar in some way or another to me as well.
Namaste That means my soul humbly bows to and acknowledge your souls divine origin and existance.

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