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Executive Film Producer.

Job Descriptions :
• Take a brief from the Agency or Client.

• Prepare Quotation according to the best quality and minimum cost.

• Prepare all the requirements needed for the PPM (Recce , casting,
wardrobe, Set design and props)

• Attending shoot with eyes wide quite sure everything is going
according to PPM agreements.

• Controlling the budget and allocating resources.

• Organising shooting schedules.

• Supervising the progress of the project from production to post production.

• Develop the material with best places to receive best quality.

• Travel for the T.k. (Colors Grading) to get the best color correction for all the done film and maintain good relations with the post houses and colorists.
• Attend telecine (on Spirit and Ursa Gold, Cleaning, Grading and Color corrections).

• Handle till the finalization stage starting from post production (off-line, on-line, graphics, music composition and dubbing) up till material delivery .

Thanks a lot.


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