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That first kiss, bathed in the crepuscule...the pomp & pageantry of a waterfront wedding... and the brick through the window of that bastard who stole her away from you... THIS is the sound of Brandi Adams.

An inspired fusion of impeccable style, flawless execution, and unshakable character-- Brandi Adams have people talking--nay, CHEERING.

A cultivation of endless urban influences, Brandi Adams consider themselves vanguards of the 21st-century dernier cri, and budding icons in modern masculinity. Plucking their brass-balled melodicism from the floating sonic ether, Brandi Adams have scribed an omnipotent chapter in the R & B lexicon.

Their lyricism is not afraid to veer into the realm of cimmerian shade--painting an enigmatic canvas of heartbreak and infidelity. Brandi Adams display the kind of writhing vulnerability that most artists would not have to cojones to tap in to.

We are Brindle Baby, Candyman, & Lazy Andy, & our creed is simple -- we're in love with love. We are down on one knee for you, World, will you say "I do"?