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SMB Films & Images LLC
ph: 713-298-8272

SMB Films & Images LLC dba SMB Media Production offers full service professional wedding videography bundled with wedding photography. and has been serving Houston area for over 10 years. Our company offers state of the art cinematic technology that provide our clients the ability to customize their specific event.

We offer two styles of video production and editing, Documentary and Cinematic. Documentary style utilizes the HDV-1080i Sony Camera , and Cinematic utilizes the new Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Camera that produces a full frame HD-1080p format. Cinematic resolution provides a higher picture quality over documentary style. The Canon also utilizes multiple lenses for depth of field shots & rack focusing. The cinematic style also can be used on a stedicam rig for 360° shots & a slider for smooth movement & reveal shots. The final edit will be delivered as a highlight reel (approximately 10 min.) and an extended reel (approximately 1.5 hours).

The team of SMB Films & Images looks forward to hearing from you!

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