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Nicky Assmann (NL) explores in her work how the body relates to objects and spaces and refers to scientific and natural phenomena. The skin, both visible as invisible is a recurring metaphor in her work and is extended into the space. This phenomenological approach results in the use of different media, like wearable technology (embodied instruments & objects), performance and more recently kinetic light installations. With these spatial installations she creates dynamic and temporary spaces in which the sensorial experience takes a central point. Like in the installations Solace and her new work Solaris, both soap film apparatuses, she explores the mental process and physical activity of seeing.

For 2012 she received a Startstipendium grant from the Mondriaan Fund and her work was nominated for the StartPoint Prize 2011 (Honorary Mention) & the Artificial Light Award on Reflection (2010). She has presented her work amongst others at Saatchi Gallery (London), Wood Street Galleries (Pittsburgh), Art Rotterdam Week (NL), Quartier 21 (Vienna), V2_Institute (NL), Exit Festival (Paris), ISMAR/SHIFT Festival (Basel), ]Interstice[ (FR), Almost Cinema (Ghent), 5 Minutes Museum (NL), STRP Festival (NL), 5 Days Off Media (NL), Future Textiles (DK) and the Biennale of Carrara (I).

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Culture [Major Film Science] from the University of Amsterdam and a Master in ArtScience from the Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatoire & the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

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