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Welcome to the world of psychedelic trance...brought to you by YronMunkY...two friends with a special place for electronic music in their 145bpm heartbeat.

4 those who do not know, Token Dutch & Johannes Yron Botha have formed a psy-trance duo called "YronMunkY". Completely new on the scene and practically unheard of till now. Their main objective is to create mass-excitement & energetic responses with their off-range storyline based DJ mixing compilations. Each with a different energy and style, bringing you live acts from some of the best psy-trance producers in the world.

Recommended to visit mixcloud.com if you'd like to hear the full sets. Thanks for the support.

Electronic music performers. Bringing you DJ sets from some of the best trance producers on the globe.

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DJ & mixing

Artists We Also Like
Talamasca/Infected Mushroom/1200 Mics/Bitkit/Ace Ventura/Neelix/Captain Hook/Xerox & Illumination

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