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Marcel Wepper was born in New York in 1980. He was first a painter and then a video artist who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (02). After two years as a professional in the fashion advertising industry, he was admitted to and began attending the California Institute of the Arts. Just this year he completed a Masters in Film and Video at the institution. His 2004 video piece, Bolero, world premiered as a short film at the VIENNALE, Vienna Internaional Film Festival in 2005. The video intended for installation examines “a widely discussed phenomenon of current American talk shows-and in
this case female- mass hysteria”. More recently, Marcel was the recipient of a prestigious grant from CalArts for the completion of his thesis film, Vega. Vega, part essay film, part ambient film, examines an isolated and unpopulated Las Vegas through the cities physical construction and deconstruction.

VEGA and BOLERO, like much of Marcel Wepper’s work deal with the themes of contemporary popular culture and their relationship to the individual on a personal level. He raises questions on their potency and what it means to struggle in, rejoice, accept and/or become alienated by their influence. Vega is his first film. Marcel directs, photographs and edits all his own work. He lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Eva. Marcel is represented by Mixed Greens in New York City.

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