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  1. I've got a good friend at a bag and tag shop here in Idaho that just tagged a wolf at 230 pounds. You Californians need to get a taste of real life……….but stay out of Idaho, there's enough of you here already
  2. Looks like I got on this one early… I'll let Happy Days post the ad skip time
  3. Holy Gorilla Shit! My two worlds collide. Didn't expect this one but super excited, let's get into it
  4. God DAmn Happy Days! good work sir!
  5. One of my favorites. Always a good cast
  6. Fun to listen to the process of a debate even if it's a little colorful or blatantly bias. 1:03:45 Dunning gets owned with some Joe Rogan Judo Question Flipping.
  7. An Unholy Trinity! This oughta be good
  8. Carlin's got an interesting point at 1:35. I believe I used to subscribe to blissful ignorance and it was much less scary and worrisome a world. How does one negotiate being informed yet feeling overwhelmingly powerless to affect that information.