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I create artists' books integrating drawing, printmaking, and photography into my artists' books. I make videos describing the use of antique printing presses to create letterpress broadsides of poetry and artists' books. I also create videos on the Joy of Collecting Artists' Books, featuring gallery owners like Donna Seager who showcase outstanding artists' books in her San Francisco Bay area gallery.

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  1. Well done Ezra, you are inspiring! You are an artist of life as well.
  2. As a Kappa from the University of Pittsburgh from 1966, I am proud to see Kappa and the WHITMAN GUYS doing such fine work! I am a fan of Joseph Bornstein, the entire Semilla Nueva team, and the farmers of Guatemala working with Semilla Nueva. Keep…
  3. Cathy DeForest commented on I Dare You
    This is an amazing video. This should be seen by all who treasure books and by all who dare to burn, ban, and destroy them. In the light of what just happened to the ancient manuscripts when the terrorists burned two Timbuktu libraries filled with…