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  1. Mauricio Pachon Duque
  2. Rafael Jimenez

    Rafael Jimenez Bogota, Colombia


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    Hi there! I´m an animator and graphic designer and I´ve worked for about 12 years doing motion graphics, animation and illustration. I´m an AnimationMentor alumni and recently I finished working on "Metegol", the animated film by Oscar winnig director Juan Campanella. Check…

  3. Grace Mojica

    Grace Mojica Bogotá, Colombia


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    3D Character Animator I'm a professional animator with experience in video games, short films, and tv commercials. Skilled in both subtle and emotional performances as well as broad physical action. I can work fluently in Maya and 3Ds Max as an Animator and create compositions in After…

  4. Andres Barrientos

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