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I am an aspiring screen writer and director who appreciates the essentail roles of both Theatre and Film in modern culture. Im also a complete movie history freak and try my best to understand the different styles in writing, directing, and acting for film and theatre.


  1. Breakfast in Paris
  2. Nida Manzoor
  3. Hiroshi Kondo / STNW
  4. masanobu hiraoka
  5. Dilation Studios
  7. Vimeo Video School
  8. Casey Donahue
  9. Chris McQueen
  10. Steve Savalle
  11. Sandro Cleuzo
  12. Florian Satzinger
  13. ECA Animation
  14. Takuya Hosogane
  15. Gabriela Kula
  16. Cameron Quon

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  1. this is brilliant!
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