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Art Blogger, Street Photographer, Art Critic for 5 Pieces Gallery and ANORMALMAG, author of El Poder del Arte. Influenced by fine art, Gasque photography work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of Painting, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form. He lived in Nantes France, Rome Italy, Mexico City, Guatemala and Merida Yucatan. Raúl is a regular visitor of art exhibitions, 3 years ago started writing for a blog were his priority is explore and share emergent artists all over the world. His work emphasis in analyzing painting, film and photography based in a Mexican Freudian technique (that’s a new term of his authory). At this moment writes for Anormalmag and 5 Pieces Gallery he develope his social media sites, where he host his photography’s and articles. Gasque personal work as a photographer and as an art analyst continues to explore the creative potential of plastic art in all forms.


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