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Who are the Donegal Diaspora..? They are the thousands of people all over the world who have a connection to, or an interest in, Donegal in the North West corner of Ireland. The Donegal Diaspora Project has been created to reach out and actively engage with that global community, acting as a resource for information, connections, partnership and development. As part of that, we are excited to present our first major Diaspora initiative – The Donegal Gathering 2012.

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  1. Its fantastic Kelly, well done to all of you!
  2. Kelly, there is a mistake on the credits. Seamus Neely is the Manager of Donegal County Council, not the Chair of the County Enterprise Board. Can you change this at this stage?
  3. Excellant guys!
  4. Eli - can i link this itnto Diaspora website??? Sally:)