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  1. actually, i live in da hood and they let their small children play on the streets until almost 11pm. doesn't matter that a couple of dudes were shot the night before, they still let the kids play out there unsupervised.
  2. great podcast as usual but talk about the afghan discovery of minerals for cell phones and computers.
  3. as a vegetarian/near vegan, my reason to live this way is #1: stop supporting a sadistic industry(meat/dairy); #2: stop the pollution that factory farms cause. If we were living like natives off the land, we wouldn't have to worry about eating animals,…
  4. but humans farting isn't causing global warming?!
  5. dude, just stop breeding cows. it's not that complicated. stop eating them and they won't breed them to be tortured. nice try, joe.
  6. shut up with the meat crap! it's killing our planet! grass-fed means nothing in the scheme of things. it's not just about humans health and strength. producing beef is a waste of resources. you know it, joe! i miss it all but i refuse to contribute…