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  1. Sorry, but this falls out of our realm of support. Try posting your question to StackOverflow: Link:
  2. i know but if someone wants to push my website over quota can probably disable any client side max file size check and upload some 5Gb files i can't think at a safe way to limit file size only on client
  3. The only file size limitation we enforce is the user's weekly quota, it would be up to you to check file size prior to upload.
  4. ok thanks, i'm not sure that by implementing some max upload limit only on client side would be safe enought to prevent any big file upload
  5. using APi is it possibile to build a form and let website users upload video directly into VIMEO account is it possible to limit the maximum file size an user can upload with form?
  6. I'm not sure I understand your question, can you clarify?
  7. any way to libmit file size before start upload?
  8. +1