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For their first album, Unison members Julien Camarena and Melanie Moran have conjured up a highly unique music, made of dark layered sounds that pulsate their way through waking dreams. They have hit a strange and powerful sonic vein that connects them to a secret place deep in France's electrified soul. Unrelenting beats and waves of guitar tracks by Camarena are met by the siren-like voice of Moran, irresistably calling out from this haunted whirlwind.

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  1. Miranda July
  2. Shredder Shred
  3. emmanuhell
  4. Whip Angels
  5. Michael König
  6. KBJ
  7. brutale jean
  8. Christian Bagnalasta
  9. Balades Sonores
  10. Federico Anastasi
  11. I'm Trying I'm Trying I'm Trying
  12. Richard Devine
  13. Sayat-Nova
  14. Petit Pistolette
  15. Marco de la Vega
  16. Jermaine Davis
  17. weirdcore
  18. The Ceremonial Dagger †

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