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Orlando Bully Rescue started when a group of caring individuals started saving those without voices. We partnered with rescues throughout Florida. We partner with other rescues and bully breed advocate’s with regards to transporting, cross posting, networking and building relationships. We love to do community outreach to educate individuals on how great bullies are!

Our Mission
Advocate > Educate > Rescue > Rehabilitate > Foster > Adopt

Rescue one until there are none.

Rescuing one dog will not change the world, however it will change the world for that one dog :) Saving one dog will not change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog!!!!

Orlando Bully Rescue is a non-profit, 501.C.3 organization dedicated to giving unwanted or displaced bullies the second chance they deserve by being their voice, so they can have a new beginning at life. We are limited in what we can do by the number of foster homes, volunteers and donations that we have available to us, so please consider applying to foster or volunteer in any way you can. We serve the Central Florida area but will try to accommodate out of state adoptions when possible. We rely solely on the donations of private individuals and adopters to be able to continue our rescue work. Your donation helps to defer the cost of rescuing, vetting, training, event planning, community events, transporting as well as rehoming pets in need.

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  • Website - Website where we post all our dogs, adoptions, events, merchandise, and other fun things.
  • Facebook Page - Our Facebook page where we post recent events and fun, informational and updated events


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  1. We wish you all the luck in the world on your mission. You work is so awesome and with spray paint no less, truly amazing. Please check us out on Facebook and we will proudly share your mission and help any way we can. Your dog is beautiful as well.