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I'm a Nomad, I don't have a valid passport or residence permit or any kind of identification at all, that's the reason I called myself Matters Somehow, My real name is Ai Hunter and 36 years old!

I don't have a permanent home or place to stay due to my constant change of living. I don't own a high end camera or money but i do have 3TI & I phone 4.

I don't need money to live my life. No family, No friends, No girlfriend, No hotel, No hot water bath or a Dog, but only I own my bicycle.

I have traveled 38 countries without visa or any kind of identification, that's my only profession. I can lie to anyone and they believe me, instantly, that's only thing God has given me.

I know most of videos doesn't mean any sense but when I see something that catches my eyes then I'll take a shot. I don't worry about most of the things in my life, so nothing matters to me if anyone wanted to reach me please email me on

Thank you for reading.......


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