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Andrew 'kaziq' Wasilkiewicz '79 photographer, cinematographer, editor.

Focused on new media and the world around us, supporter of the implementation of new technologies.
I deal with the implementation of photo shoots, assembly and compositingiem video.
My photos are published in newspapers, monthly magazines, catalogs and the Internet.
Professionally performed in the studio commercial photography A-Symmetric Sp. z. o.o.
Photo Agency cooperate with BE & W. Photographic and film work I've been involved also with the National Film Archive in Warsaw document the work of the team Nitrofilm involved in the reconstruction of the pre-war films nitro motivated the project Nitrofilm National Film Archive.
I am a member of the Polish Journalists Association.
I work as a product manager at Canon on CSI Photo and Video [Warsaw - Poland].

August 2008 - 65 Homeless CSW in Warsaw (Photo)
March 2011 - "Investing in Culture" Guardhouse Gallery in Warsaw (video)
August 2011 - opening of a media club in Warsaw The Eve

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