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  1. heh, my dear colleague had a classical training eh? My ancient greek more or less starts and ends with ability to read it, and couple of catchy phrases like Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια =) Good podcast by the way
  2. fek, slide a knife up a side of the lid, not cam...
  3. hehe, to open a pickle jar - just slide a knife (or a screw driver) up the cam, and turn to let some air in, the lid just pops open =)
  4. Some examples please
  5. Luke, as a former self proclaimed 'localized debunker' - i can confirm what Mick said - It's like sport, you feel a rush of energy when you are researching the stuff and finding solid arguments to disprove/debunk the bullshit presented.. Hell I have…
  6. hehe, i usually use 'debunked, bogus, fake' when googling. And I know most probably no one from JRE reads comments, but, please, have more guests like Mick - you have a wide audience, and reason needs more promotion. And if you not already have…
  7. ->before they were able to reach type 0 stage (we are not at that stage yet, but should reach it soon (ish). And knowing what small chances are to evolve new sapient life after such extinction, I would say that one habitable planet is note able to…