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Bocas del Toro, Panama

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Bagus Land & Sea Production was originally founded by Michael and Jennie McLaughlin in 2010, under the name NeverDry Underwater Videography. After successfully running the business for a couple of years it was time to move on and Jennie and Michael sold the company to Alex Lindbloom and Maria Harder to which they changed the name to Bagus Land & Sea Productions.

Although new to Bocas del Toro and the company, both Alex and Maria are not new to the diving industry or underwater film and photography. Together they have a cumulative of 8 years and over three thousand dives working in diving, and hundreds of dives spent filming/photographing marine life and people. Before arriving in Panama, Alex and spent three months working and training with the underwater photographers, videographers and editors at Scubazoo Images.

Bagus is unique to the area as it is the only company who specialize in film and photography above and below the waves. Bagus offers a variety of services including custom DVD's of your diving holiday, corporate promotional videos, underwater camera rentals, private photography and video courses, and

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