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  1. batcam.tv

    batcam.tv PRO UK. worldwide


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    Batcam.tv - Profesional aerial shooting solutions. We offer multi-rotor unmanned camera systems. Our BATCAM's can mount your professional camera whether you are shooting for broadcast, film, corporate, commercial or otherwise, we can help. Please check out our reel to see what we’ve been up…

  2. Kristian Meinzer

    Kristian Meinzer Crested Butte, CO


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    Rogue Aerials delivers a rock solid image every time. Lend a new perspective to your next project with with state of the art drones.

  3. Shelby Meinzer

    Shelby Meinzer Plus Los Angeles, CA


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    Filmmaker, editor, skier, mountain biker and fun haver with a passion for the finer things in life. This is some of the work I have done. Some new, some old, some not even "work"

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