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I joined Vimeo three years ago but until 30-12-2012 I did not feel that my videos were good enough to upload. I don't have any formal training in photography, but some people are of the opinion that I'm a natural when it comes to composition. I'm interested in all aspects of video, including the technology. I have two homes. One is in Birmingham England, the other is in Florida, USA. I dart between both at various times of the year. Currently I'm a member of two video clubs here in the UK. Nuneaton Movie makers & Sutton Coldfield Movie makers. I've been a member of both for about a year.
I appreciate all comments on my videos, so please do comment.............


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  1. I have never been here - you have made me want to go!
  2. Blimey - I thought HS2 had come to St Pancras. Lovely music. Great idea.
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    Guess that your the bigot and a violent one at that. Pity you can't see that everyone doesn't like perversion no matter what you call it.