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Claudine Jordan received her graduate degree in film from Northwestern University. She is a former professor of film and video and has also taught computer animation.

At an early age, Claudine became interested in all things metaphysical. She was initiated into eastern philosophy, studied homeopathy and other alternative modalities of healing and developed an early attraction to the world of crystal energy. All of these interests have been reflected in many of her films. At the Moondance International Film Festival, Claudine received the Calypso Award, which is presented to the person who contributes to the betterment of mankind.

Within the last ten years, Claudine, with her film partner, Tom Klodin, produced five films set in the South of France and India. Several of these films dealt with metaphysical and life changing subjects and have won several national awards.

Tom Klodin is professor emeritus of video production, film aesthetics, film history and script writing, having taught at a college in the Chicagoland area for 25 years. He received his BA from City College of New York and his MFA from Ohio University. Along the way he won several awards for his prose and films.

Tom has bicycled his way through most of Western Europe, New Zealand and Tasmania, snapping photos along the way. Eventually his interest in photography and his love of the French Midi would lead to a series of documentaries which include Legs To The Neck and La Sérénité.

After moving to Ashland, Oregon, Tom and his film partner Claudine started concentrating on projects that document people in their quest for more spiritual, healthful and earth friendly life styles. Positive and upbeat in nature, these films let the subjects tell their own stories without the aid of outside narration.

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