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Parma, Italy

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Director, DoP, Editor, Visual artist

Digitalsquad is an audiovisual Production and Services company founded in November 2001.
Simonetta is responsible for directing, screenwriting, video editing, shooting and direction of photography.
Digitalasquad produces documentaries, short films, Advertising. In the future digitalsquad aims at becoming an innovative company regarding its approach to audiovisual methods, and a pioneer in combining cinematographic and documentaries productions with the needs of international cooperation, preservation, and cultural, social and environmental developement.

"The Animations carried by Guido Manuli for Bozzetto Film" (2003 Dir. Simonetta Rossi documentary)
"The tree of the clouds" (2003 Dir. Simonetta Rossi) (Animation).
"Italian cuisine" (Barilla's documentary) (2004 Dir. Simonetta Rossi).
"Black Out 02" (Short Film) (2004 written dir. Simonetta Rossi)
"The Rossi family and road safety" docu-fiction Rai (2005 written and edited by Simonetta Rossi. Dir. Marco Mazzieri)
"LANCIA Y E LANCIA MUSA" (advertising 2006)
"Pixies, witches and magic,a long journey through the traditions of the Appenine Mountains" documentary (2007 Dir. Simonetta Rossi, music by Marco Gallanti).
"Nora's house" short film (2009 Dir. Simonetta Rossi, music Marco Gallanti)
"Ad occhi chiusi" documentary produced and directed by Simonetta Rossi in Association with ARTE France (2010 cm.)

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