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Hi there,

Those who clicked to see my profile are probably curious about who I am! Behold, your curiosity will be satisfied (not completely though, at least not until you really meet me in person that is to say ^_^ )

I am what you could call an engineer who drifted a bit through the years: after my engineering and scientific studies, I did start to work as a research engineer in Switzerland, France and the US, always in the energy sector and specifically in the upstream oil and gas industry. When I decided to make a leap to Italy, I switched to another sharky world, the gas midstream business; for those who wonder what that could be, check out one of my videos.

But I always kept deep in my soul my strong attachment to technology and computer graphics. In fact, together with my thirst for traveling (and by traveling, I mean living in other countries), they are my genuine passions.
Oh and my family as well of course; I am from a Lao family, whose mother and father met in France after managing to flee from war there. I was thus born in France as the first son out of three children on which they sacrified their life for the sake of our social integration among the Frenchies. All in all, we could say that my story started from a succession of sad and cruel events but, through faith, luck and sweat, it carries on as a nice novel.

And my aim is now to turn it into a grand personal (and why not professional) success story to be shared with... you :)