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Faraj Suleiman, composer and pianist, was born in Rama village in the Galilee, in 2013 Faraj has started his unique musical journey and today he is considered as one of the uprising musician in Palestine. in 2014 Faraj has released his debut album “Log in”, to be the first solo piano album produced by a Palestinian musician.

Prior to the release of his first album Faraj has composed music for 10 plays, 3 movies, 1 poetry musical album and toured Palestine with “Three Steps” (2013) and “log in” (2013/2014), in addition to that Faraj composed the music of the poetic concert “Love in a cloud” (2014), where poetry, music, and vocals were all brought together on one stage.

Faraj is currently working on a development of a full scale musical with the prestiges theatre director Mr. Amir Nizar zuabi (RSC, Young Vic director) as well as his new album titled “Step 4” that will be released spring(2015).

Films and plays: The Bear (Chikhov,2008), Msaifen (2013), Tanburi (2014), A parallel Time (2014), At The Checkpoint (2013), Violence (2013), Moving(2014), Blue (2014) and more.


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