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Tony Chow spent the last 19 years working across a broad spectrum of leadership roles in the media and communications industry including 10 years in digital. Tony’s requisite ability to creatively develop services for broadcast content, advertising and branding has earned him a well-reputed designation as a global communication and media mogul. He has been involved in growing revenues through creating, selling and executing communication solutions, from providing creative solutions to advertisers and advertising agencies to creating output deals through various sponsorships and funding mechanisms to selling contents through multiple platforms. Tony’s experience encompasses both executive and chaired positions including Managing Director and Executive Producer of Singapore's leading TV commercial and broadcast content production company, in which period, Tony developed the business from start-up to more than 200 clients in less than 12 months. Over the course of his career Tony has also served such positions as Principal/Director of Digital Media Academy, a private-government collaborated professional creative talents development and training incubator as well as Managing Director of Off The Fence Asia, an international TV content and production company where he successfully lead its operations to secure business deals and developed both scripted and unscripted content to launch full productions. He was also responsible for overseeing the sales, distribution and acquisition of contents for the Asia markets.


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