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Shaadivideofilms are a team of professional wedding cinematographers and photographers who produce films and photos with passion,We are Working Only For Studio Owners,
diligence and a lot of enthusiasm. Based in Surat(India) but film worldwide. Please visit our website for more information

shaadivideofilms is a wedding cinematographer & editor based in Surat(India).
I create exciting wedding cinema for clients who don’t want traditional wedding video.
With the use of real photography and film-making techniques and equipment, my work is a cut-above the industry standard, introducing new ideas and fresh concepts to my clients.
My films are not your typical two hour long wedding videos. I love to capture highlights of your wedding celebration in fine art form using a range of cinematic techniques. My technique creates an elegant, beautiful and nostalgic look that is truly one of a kind.
With an eye for the ultra-artistic, a flare for details and a knack for bringing Bollywood-style production to the wedding world, My clients rave about my ability to tell their story in a timeless fashion.

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