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I am a VJ and multimedia artist living in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in space-themed, technology driven, live-performance visuals. I am the co-founder of a visual technology studio called Sigma-1 Environments that has worked on some impressive projects over the past few years (sigma-1.com). I am also working on a large project called Multiverse, which is an extra-galactic mapping simulator & live visuals program built in TouchDesigner. When I am not blasting photons through hyperspace, I'm either drawing cartoons for money at GoStickman Studios (gostickman.com), teaching astronomy & the Mysteries of the Universe with my space workshop Galaxy Class (galaxyclass.org), or honing my Jedi warrior skillz with rapier and sword & buckler at Academie Duello in downtown Vancouver (academieduello.com). Once upon a time, I also created the brilliant monkey extravaganza found at Elftrance.com. I am a friend to gnomes, elves and aliens across much of Laniakea.

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